MI-JADR was founded in 2015 by retired Circuit Judge Daniel P. Ryan with the assistance of retired Circuit Judges John Foster and Circuit Judge Jeanne Stempien. Retired Judge Neil Mullally, Judge James L. Ryan, Judge Megan Maher Brennan and Retired Judge Dan Palmer subsequently joined MI-JADR. Although Judges Foster, Stempien,  Judge James L. Ryan, and Judge Palmer have taken emeritus status, we have several judges available for your mediation and arbitration needs.  In order to meet our client’s demands for alternative dispute resolution across the state and country, we opened offices in West Michigan (Muskegon/Grand Rapids – Judge Mullally); Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (Judge Ryan); and Boulder, CO (Judge Foster). Our judges are known for their work ethic, even-handed judicial temperament and unyielding commitment to fairness and justice. These judges share a reputation for having been courteous to lawyers and clients, decisive, and well-prepared during their careers on the bench. They appreciate the importance of your matter and that it is a privilege to handle what may be your client’s only case.

Our neutrals will provide you and your clients with the same professionalism and attention to detail in your case that you have come to expect from them over their distinguished judicial careers which span decades. Our retired judges are experienced trial judges and former presiding judges of the business court who routinely handled sophisticated and complex business, class action, commercial, technology, medical malpractice, and a variety of tort and contract cases.

Many clients and attorneys prefer retired judicial neutrals because of the confidential and conflict-free environment in which your client’s important disputes are resolved. A retired judicial neutral will never be representing an adversary in your next case and the parties are assured of maintaining complete client and subject matter confidentiality. Our retired judicial neutrals will gladly serve as the neutral on your panel but why pick a panel consisting of a plaintiff’s representative, defendant’s representative and a neutral when you can select three of our experienced retired judicial neutrals?

As MI-JADR grows, it intends to add a distinguished array of retired judges who are arbitration mediation neutral experts across Michigan and the country.

Our retired judges are uniquely qualified and specialize in facilitating, mediating or arbitrating complex, multi-party, business, technology, commercial, employment discrimination, medical malpractice, class action, general tort, domestic, property, and first and third party auto cases in which your selection of neutral could be decisive.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing us the opportunity to resolve your case. Let the insight and experience we have gained in over a thousand jury trials and over decades of judicial experience work to help resolve your client’s dispute in a confidential, fair, expedited, and cost-efficient manner.

Arbitrate with Confidence!


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