Judicial Experts

We Are Your Retired Judicial Complex Business and Commercial Case ADR Experts!

As retired circuit judges, we provide a conveniently located, conflict-free and confidential environment in which to resolve your client’s important business and commercial disputes.


Do you wish to use our retired judges as single or three-person neutral panels for expeditious, confidential and private Facilitations; Special Case Evaluations Panels by Stipulation of the Parties and Court Order; or Arbitrations?


Judge Dan RyanJudge BrennanNiel Mullally

Sample of three-person neutral panel


We are all experienced trial judges with over a 1000 jury trials and more than a 190 years of combined judicial trial experience. MI-JADR is expanding upon the business court concept by providing a private, alternative forum of retired judicial neutrals to resolve your client’s complex business or commercial disputes outside the public forum in which you can be assured of complete confidentiality.



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