ADR Services

Types of Cases We Service:

Complex commercial and business litigation, construction, technology, class action, general civil, medical malpractice, employment discrimination, general tort and premises liability, domestic and family, property, and first and third party auto.

Alternative Dispute Services:

As experienced former trial judges, MI-JADR can offer a unique variety of pre-dispute and dispute alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services depending on your client’s needs including:

  • Arbitration (Binding or Non-Binding) (one or three judge panels depending upon retired judicial neutral availability)
  • Case Evaluation Alternative Mediator per MCR 2. 403, MCR 2.410-MCR 2.412 for complex cases by stipulation of the parties and order of the court.
  • Class Action Settlement Facilitation and Adjudication
  • Construction Dispute Arbitrator: During Project for Contract Interpretation disputes or Post Project litigation
  • Discovery Master or Referee by stipulation of the parties.
  • Facilitated Direct Negotiation Between Parties
  • Insurance Umpire
  • Mediation: Private or Court Ordered (one or three judge panels depending upon retired judge neutral availability)
  • “Med-Arb” or Mediation to Arbitration ( numerous hybrids)
    • Med-Arb with Same Neutral
    • Med- Arb with Different Neutrals
    • Med- Arb with Mediator Recommendation to Arbitrator
    • Co-Med-Arb with Mediator and Arbitrator
    • Med-Arb Opt Out
    • Arb- Med with “sealed  award”
    • Med- Arb  Last Offer
    • Med- Arb Hi- Low
    • Arbitration with Mediation Windows
  • Meet and Confer Pre- Filing
  • Mini Trial to Mock Jury
  • Neutral Case Evaluation
  • Neutral Fact Finding
  • Neutral Expert Evaluation
  • Private Discovery Referee or Master
  • Private Dispute Resolution Advisor (DRA)
  • Private Summary Trial


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