Trial Tested Judges. Reasonable Rates.

Trial Tested Judges

No strangers to the issues that often occur during trials, our judicial neutrals have tried over a 1000 cases and have decades of combined judicial experience. Our entire staff of retired judicial experts offers you the advantages of confidentiality regarding your clients’ sensitive cases in a conducive, modern environment that is both conveniently located and easily accessible. Having garnered reputations of expertise and fairness through the many years, our judicial mediators will give your clients confidence that their disputes will be settled quickly, satisfactorily, and justly.

We invite you while visiting our website to investigate our services. We would further encourage you to contact us with any questions. We would be pleased to give you a tour of our facilities, explain our processes, and introduce our staff.

Confidentiality, Comfort, Technology.

Our modern facilities present an atmosphere reflecting our expertise and concern for the needs of your clients. We have private spaces equipped with comfortable seating, refreshments and access to a kitchen setting for longer sessions. Additionally, our large screen monitors and high speed access to the internet allow you and your clients to participate remotely through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Facetime or Skype and provide convenient access to resources, documents, presentations, and other communications.

Impartial Decisions. Reasonable Rates.

Our most important service is ensuring that your client is confident that our judicial neutrals will give them a thorough, fair and impartial outcome. By using MI-JADR judicial experts, you will be providing your clients with great services and great results for reasonable rates. With Mi-JADR you can:

Mediate with Confidence!

Arbitrate with Confidence